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Robotech #5

Antarctic Press (November, 1997)

“Rolling Thunder” part 2



LETTERERS: Joe Wolf & Ben Dunn

EDITOR: Herb Mallette

Prototype 001: “Tigercat” part 5


COLORIST: Kelsey Shannon


Sean is not happy with leaving Dana behind, and the 15th isn’t happy that Marie, now in command of the area, has opted not to pursue a rescue and disband the 15th to other groups. However, Louie has managed to cobble together something from old Battloids, and “Big Moe” may be their only chance. Meanwhile, Khane alters the Zentraedi side of Dana (not realizing she’s part human) to be his servant and soldier. Though she still has her own mind, Dana is now unwillingly working for the crazed Robotech Master, who is trying to capture protoculture before the Invid arrive.

What they got right: On its own it could be an interesting story. Despite his warped ideas of strength that make me want to punch him with a giant robot, Khane believes in his ideals and his desire to stop the Invid. Marie has a point considering their situation though the 15th, and even Sean, are understandably upset by her decision. Seeing how this affects Sean and Marie’s relationship should be interesting.

What they got wrong: Khane is still way too disturbing for a Robotech Master and keeping Dana’s mind intact is a terrible thing to do to her. I’m hoping her human side wins out in the end but it just makes me hate Khane more and not in the right ways. It’s the kind of villain I really don’t like personally and now I’m forced to put up with him. It’s also odd that this take on the three laws of robotics apparently hardwired into the Zentraedi hasn’t been shown before, and the Sentinels comics came out before this story. I know Antarctic Press really didn’t seem to care about this (possibly because they weren’t able to get the Waltrips to continue the series for whatever backstage reasons went on) but now you really can’t use a Zentraedi in any battle with the Robotech Masters because of this, at least in the Antarctic Press variant of Robotech. Was the writer trying to explain why no Zentraedi joined the RDF for the second Robotech war?

The prequel story continues to suffer as a back-up story. All we get is Roy being forced to take back-up in his mission to bring back Focke, and Dana taking the place of his weapons officer as we meet the rest of the team. It’s still hard to get into this story because installments are so short.

What I think overall: I’m still not really enjoying the main story. I hate this type of villain, what’s happening to Dana is a bit too cruel for my liking, and this seems odd for a Robotech Master. I’m not having high hopes as we continue this story.


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