“Hey, if Godzilla can do it….”

Free Comic Book Day 2014 (Rocket Racoon)

Marvel Comics (May, 2014)

WRITER: Joe Caramagna

COVER ART: Skottie Young

“Business Opportunities”

ARTIST: Adam Archer

COLORIST: John Rauch

LETTERING: Virtual Calligraphy


EDITOR: Mark Paniccia

Ultimate Spider-Man: “Space Oddities”

Note that this based on the Disney XD cartoon, not the Ultimate universe. I’m not sure if the Rocket Racoon story is based on the Guardians Of The Galaxy cartoon or not.

ARTIST: Ty Templeton

COLORIST: Pete Pantazis

LETTERER: Clayton Cowles

EDITOR: Tom Brennan

SENIOR EDITOR: Stephen Wacker

There’s a princess with a price on her head, and the team of Rocket Racoon, Groot, and Mr. Wal-Rus (really? That was the best you came up with?) are trying to rescue her from Lord Dyvine and his rabbit army led by Blackjack O’Hare. Given that Dyvine is a toad there’s a part of me thinking there’s a Bucky O’Hare reference in here. In the end Rocket’s team rescue her but rather than claim the bounty himself and clear his own, Rocket decides to finish helping escape. Plus Dyvine’s crown may be worth a few credits.

This was a fun little story, with some good characters, and I wonder if Princess Lynx (because they really weren’t trying hard with the names) joins the team? A warrior princess may be of some use to the group.

In the second story Spider-Man and White Tiger are on a secret mission to rescue Iron Fist and Power Man from the moon…because the real goal by one of the lamest villains I’ve ever seen in a story that can’t decide if it is a comedy or not was to draw in Nova to power his deadly ray of death (not even kidding on that name). Nova ends up overcharging and destroying it. By the way, the villain is a short Earth dentist who put braces on rich kids’ teeth so he could afford a rocket ship, met a cross between the Minions and the green guys from the Toy Story franchise called the Subserviants, and then decided Earthlings didn’t know how to take care of the planet and decides to blow it up. Spidey breaks the fourth wall and also the story opens with him puking from the rocket trip to the moon and if somehow you still want to read this story you brought it on yourself. The art’s okay.

Overall I rather enjoyed the Rocket Racoon story and have the opposite opinion of the Spider-Man story. Depending on what it goes for now (hopefully less that Dyvine’s crown) only the first story is worth getting this for.

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