“Is this about the last jelly donut?”

Robotech #7

Antarctic Press (March, 1998)

Robotech Masters Aftermath: “Rolling Thunder” part 4


COLORISTS: ARNie & Jochen Weltjens


EDITOR: Doug Dlin

Prototype 001: “Tigercat” part 7




In the finale to our post-Robotech Master story, Khane catches on to Dana’s trick and simply creates a new directive that puts her further into his control, until her friends come up with a plan to snap her out of it and allow her Zentraedi and human sides back on the same page. I’ve had issues with this story but in the end Perry makes it work, so I can actually enjoy this story…though I forgot this ended before and it might happen again.

In our last of the pre-war stories of this continuity we still get too little page time as it’s just the battle between Roy’s group and his old commander. Also, some kid named Jake Rand is introduced for no understandable reason I can fathom at this time given how little time this back-up can devote to a new character.

Overall it’s a decent main story and the usual “why bother” back-up story. At least this story with Dana and crew managed to overcome my concerns so I can recommend it.

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