The long long awaited return of Giant Batman.

Legends Of The Dark Knight #1

DC Comics (December, 2012, as posted to comiXology)

“The Butler Did It”

This is the digital first version and thus the only story.

WRITER: Damon Lindelof

ARTIST: Jeff Lemire

COLORIST: Jose Villarrubia

COVER ART: Ethan Van Schiver & Brian Miller

LETTERER: Saida Temofonte


EDITOR: Ben Abernathy

In a story set during his first six months as Batman, Bruce tells Alfred he doesn’t have any vulnerabilities and even takes shots at the other new superheroes. He’s convinced he’s superior to the criminals he fights. During his patrol Batman finds the whole hangouts for crooks aren’t being used but he’s changing tactics as well. Then Batman stumbles upon what appears to be a mugging similar to the one that took his parents…and dives head first into a trap. It turns out Alfred set the trap to prove he does have a vulnerability, which Bruce is smart enough to listen to.

What they got right: The plot is quite good, as a young Batman would still have the potential for being a bit cocky and Alfred needs to remind him he’s still human.

What they got wrong: So how did Alfred get these guys, why would he let them beat the daylights out of him like that, and why would they listen when they told him to stop? (Also, presumably to leave as they disappear and Alfred calls him Bruce while in costume, taking the dollar of their bet from Batman’s utility belt.) I’m also not a fan of the art. It’s not to my taste to begin with but but it feels off for a Batman story, especially with how thin Bruce looks in both identities.

What did I think overall: If you’re going for the digital versions this is one to avoid. If you’re looking for the paper version hopefully the other two stories make up for this one.

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