Are we just running out of names for wars in the Marvel universe now?

Free Comic Book Day 2015 (Secret Wars)

Marvel (June, 2015)

Secret Wars #0

WRITER: Johnathan Hickman

ARTIST: Paul Renaud


LETTERER: Chris Eliopoluos


EDITORS: Tom Brevoort & Wil Moss

There’s also a back up story featuring a crossover between the Marvel universe and Attack On Titan but I care so little about that franchise that any attempt at reviewing it on my part would be a waste of both our times. Yes, I know one of the characters has a similar last name to mine. That’s the limit of my interest.

The Future Foundation is building an escape ship because the Marvel and Ultimate universes are about to smash into each other. They can only build a big enough ship for them to escape. Too bad the other universe is a bit more aggressive. At least I think that’s how the issue ends.

Isn’t Valeria Richards supposed to be a little girl? She talks like a grown-up and not a particularly likable one. The gag about Bentley getting upset that people keep raising their hands didn’t work for me, this is where we get the revelation that the Marvel heroes were destroying other universes because they kept trying to collide with the Marvel universe, which I don’t think is how anything works, and really the only praise I have for this is the artwork.

I’m sure someone found the Attack On Titan crossover interesting, but there’s a full graphic novel to look into instead.

Overall this one just really doesn’t excite me. Kids talking like adults, I’m not sure what age the Power Pack members even are in main continuity anymore, and “Secret Wars” has been used way too often as an event title. (This is the third one, not counting Secret Wars II, which was a sequel while the last two have had nothing to do with the original.) I really don’t care about this event at all.

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