You just wanted to draw Minmei befor the comic ended and chose the covers even though she’s not in the comic, right?

Robotech #10

Antarctic Press (September, 1998)

Prototype 001: “Variants” part 3


COLORISTS: Ben & Joe Dunn


EDITOR: Doug Dlin

The SDF fleet engages with Khyron’s Zentraedi forces, but they have a new missile that can penetrate and utterly destroy the Super Dimensional Fortresses. Casualties are high for the heroes until Claudia takes her SDF and destroys three of the four Zentraedi ship in a suicide run.

What they got right: The action is seriously good and they do a good job with the emotion and weight of the Robotech forces getting slaughtered.

What they got wrong: Treating this like an alternate timeline (and considering we get looks at even more characters Lisa shouldn’t know but oddly still no sign of Rick), we get the cliché of killing off all the characters who don’t die in the main continuity (except for Claudia and Ben). They even have Karl, who Lisa married in this version of events, getting blown up while getting their baby to safety. Yes, even this comic couldn’t kill the kid we never see. Take that, James Robinson! Even characters created for this story get killed off. Kind of a depressing story, which I remind you is a dream sequence taking place while Roy is fighting his old mentor in the real world.

The back-up continues and very little happens. Why does this series even do this?

What I thought overall: The back-up stories are still worthless and the main story is taking time away from the plotline they were running for the typical alternate timeline tale that’s also a non sequitur of sorts. I’d like to recommend this story but it’s getting harder unlike the last storyline.

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