Speed just has general issues with mystery racers.

Speed Racer #5

NOW Comics (December, 1987)

“Dead Heat”

WRITER/INKER: Brian Thomas

PENCILER: Jill Thompson


EDITOR: Tony Caputo

The mysterious V-Team is rather wild on the track, so Speed decides to investigate. The team’s owner gives him a quicky tour, including meeting the lead driver Phil Blanc and the training specialist Doctor Zydeco. At the qualifying round for the Halloween race Paul is meaner on the track than he is in person. Stranger still is when Sparky sees Phil in the stands during the official race before he’s pulled away. He and Spritle sneak into their garage and find illegal drugs and a bunch of dead bodies…that come to life and attack them! Meanwhile the V-Team racer crashes and his burning body also comes out like a zombie before falling over. Of course nobody believes the V-Team was using voodoo except the owner and Zydeco has disappeared.

What they got right: As a Halloween issue plot it works pretty well.

What they got wrong: I just don’t think Thomas had enough time to fully explore the story. It goes way too fast, more like a pitch for the story than the final product. Spritle also talks more like his 60s dub voice rather than how he talks in the previous issues I’ve read. Granted at this point they may not have known how they wanted Spritle to act and Thomas is a guest-writer…in the fifth issue…but it still is worth pointing out.

What did I think overall: This was a good plot that just didn’t get the chance to become a good story.

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