It’s Christmas time again, so it’s time for more Christmas specials. Our first one for 2021 features one we’ve already had in a previous Showcase and a few extra episodes on top of that. So if you like the Smurfs, this is the SNS for you!

First up in this compilation video from the official Smurf YouTube channel is The Smurf’s Christmas Special. While this has shown up in a previous Christmas Spotlight edition what we’re posting tonight is followed by four episodes of the Hanna-Barbera Smurfs Saturday morning series that I hope they release separately so there isn’t this big smurf jumble in the Christmas Specials playlist. “Baby’s First Christmas” may be ruined when Mr. Nicholas is attacked by an evil wizard. “The Abominable Snowbeast” and “S-Shivering S-Smurfs” seem to be more about Winter, which is only Christmas in certain parts of the world, one of which I happen to live in but these are just Winter stories, not Christmas stories. Mr. Nicholas returns for the final Christmas episode, “The Magic Sack Of Mr. Nicholas”, which also features the return of his nemesis, the Christmas-hating sorceress Chlorhydris. Have a Smurfy Christmas, everyone!

Catch more classic and new Smurfs on their official YouTube channel.


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