This is going to be a bit different from your usual Free Comic Inside article, but we’ll get back to reviewing pack-in minicomics next time. This is a special post however because we have a convention panel that actually acknowledges this form of minicomic. Of course, it’s the He-Man and She-Ra fan convention Power-Con hosting this event so that would be the way to do it. Nobody’s doing the Super Powers Collection event at DC FanDome or the Commandrons at Comic-Con.

Entitled “The Masters Of Minicomics”, this panel has artist Larry Houston and coloring Skip Simpson (personally I would have liked one with one of the various writers but the visuals are still part of comic storytelling) discussing their time working on the Mattel minicomics in later years, when the comics reflected the Filmation series rather than the original take on He-Man and friends. Hopefully you’ll find this interesting if you enjoy this article series or just minicomics in general.

Catch more Power-Con recorded panels on YouTube.

I couldn’t find a website for Skip Simpson but here’s Larry Houston’s website, where he goes over his resume in animation and comics. Here’s also a link to Power-Con’s website if you wanted to check out the convention.

Next time it won’t be the Masters Of The Universe or Princess Of Power minicomics. As promised, Aliens: Space Marines will be our target if I can find it.

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