‘Wow, your attic is a mess!”

Gotham Academy #1

DC Comics (December, 2014; as posted to comiXology)

“Welcome To Gotham Academy”

WRITERS: Becky Cloonan & Brenden Fletcher

ARTIST: Karl Kerschl

COLORISTS: Geyser & Dave McCaig

LETTERER: Steve Wands


EDITOR:  Mark Doyle

The new school year isn’t going well for Olive Silverlock. Between something that happened over the summer, her questionable relationship status, and being the chaperone for her maybe ex-boyfriend’s sister Maps she’s dealing with a lot. How does this tie to Batman or the supposed ghost of Gotham Academy? When Olive and Maps ditch an assembly to check out the old clock tower Olive has to save Maps’ life. What’s her issue with Batman, or Bruce’s concern with her…and who is watching her through the wall of her dorm room?

What they got right: As the first issue this does every well. Olive and Maps are interesting and work well together as characters, the mysteries of the series are set up well, and I like the art style. It stand alone instead of feeling like it was written for the trade but still makes you curious enough to check out further issues.

What they got wrong: Well, maybe not yet. The problem with DC’s Young Adult titles lately is that the superhero universe aspect is just an afterthought. I’m not convinced this couldn’t be some teen mystery drama and didn’t have to be in the DC universe, but being the first issue of a comic series rather than the opening of a graphic novel there is still potential to find the balance current DC YA books are lacking.

What did I think overall: A good start and I wish I have more issues physical or digital to check out. This may prove to be a good series, though it only lasted 18 issues.

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