It’s that time of that time of the year again. Time for me to dig into YouTube and find some of the amazing Christmas displays around the world. It’s my chance to celebrate the creativity (which of course requires more money, patience, and tech knowledge than I have) of Christmas displays that aren’t just lights on an exterior wall. They’re set to music, use projection mapping to turn the side of the house into a movie screen, and are just fun to watch. Some even use their display to gain donations for charity…or just to pay for the lights. The electric bill must be huge on these.

And of course I like to end the year with a big professional display on the side of a major landmark that tells a really cool story. These are usually for events that people come out to see…and given 2021 has been only slightly more active than 2020 we could certainly use it. The Christmas event in my town was very truncated and the time I usually get there after the parade the whole thing was over. At least we had one this year. So I need these more this year than usual. Let’s see what the YouTube fairy brought us this time.

This guy’s shows are always amazing. It uses radio broadcast signals to have four talking Christmas trees sing a bunch of songs, but they also record original host segments using the tree light characters.

Personally I could have done without the Cartoon Network tribute but the whole thing was well done. Check out Tom BetGeorge’s channel to see previous shows and some extra music numbers, including ones for Halloween.

Let’s leave the house now and check out Saks Fifth Avenue’s lights show and window displays with Mikissh.

Not that far away The NYC Walking Show takes us on a tour of Dyker Heights in Brooklyn.

It’s always nice when a neighborhood comes together for a massive Christmas display. And it’s not just a US thing, though the videos thus far have been. From Watched Walker we get to see the Tower Bridge in London all sparkly for the holidays. Take that, Davies!

I’ve been finding Christmas themed projection mapping recordings fascinating since I started doing these collection articles. Here’s a nice one from Kellee Meder.

I always like to end this on a professional display on the side of a landmark. For this year I came upon a video by Salvi Tigre Tigers Crew Zumba, a recording of a video mapping display at Catedral de Málaga. It’s short but sweet.

And that’s what I have this year. Seek out more of these videos because they’re amazing displays of creativity, artistry, and just fun. We might not all be able to set this stuff up but it’s still cool to see.

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