Scooby finally found something he can agree on with cats: being scared of monsters.

Scooby-Doo Team-Up #29

DC Comics (October, 2017; as featured in the comiXology version of vol. 5 of the trade)

“Reigning Cats And Dogs”

WRITER: Sholly Fisch


LETTERER: Saida Temofonte


EDITOR: Kristy Quinn

Attempting to scare off Officer Dibble to hide their poker game backfires for Top Cat and friends when he calls in Mystery, Inc. It doesn’t help when his fake ghost scares off the poker players and allows some shady real estate developers an opening to turn Hogey’s Alley into a more richer neighborhood. Salvation comes in the form of Hogey’s actual ghost chasing off the developers…except it’s actually Dibble protecting the neighborhood.

What they got right: As a Top Cat story this was actually pretty fun. T.C. gets caught in his own plan, Dibble ends up helping the gang, and it’s just a good story with these characters.

What they got wrong: This is another story where Scooby and friends almost feel like an afterthought. And apparently there are no good real estate developers as we’re told the fake ghost thing is actually caught during developer instruction courses. At least they acknowledge sometimes the fake ghosts are smugglers, but they still make it seem like every Scooby mystery involves shady real estate developers. Some are after money, some revenge (occasionally even rightfully so but that’s rare), and some are actually trying to protect a place, which has popped up even in this series a time or two. Fisch keeps making too much noise over the real estate folks, like he has a personal gripe or something. Did he pay too much for a house or something?

What did I think overall: Not a very good Scooby-Doo story but if you want a good Top Cat story the gang just happens to show up in this should work for you.

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