The Ghost And Molly McGee is a 2021 Disney Channel series. The show follows Molly, a girl whose family has moved from place to place but has finally decided to settle down in the town of Brighton. Unfortunately their home has a ghost living in it, a lazy hermit named Scratch. Unfortunately for Scratch that is, because Molly is a modern Disney TV show character so she’s all bright smiles and totally happy to have a new ghost friend, whether he likes it or not. I watched the first episode and found it cute but not really something I could add to my current load of things I have yet to watch.

However, tonight is special because it’s becoming rare to see a modern holiday episode that actually refers to anything other than “the holidays” even when Christmas is the only holiday on display. However, this episode features two stories featuring Hanukkah and Christmas, and both are properly named. The first has Molly and her family discovering the traditions of Hanukkah while Scratch discovers the food of Hanukkah. It’s actually a nice mirror to the Festival Of Lights. The second doesn’t follow that up with Christmas tradition examinations but does try to get the local rich guy to help fund the Brighton Snowflake Festival (Molly’s first) when it all goes wrong using the old Scrooge formula…which of course doesn’t go as planned but somehow works out because this is Christmas comedy. So enjoy while Disney leaves it up on their YouTube channel, and all next week will be more Christmas specials leading up to Christmas day.

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