Chapter By Chapter features me reading one chapter of the selected book at the time and reviewing it as if I were reviewing an episode of a TV show or an issue of a comic. There will be spoilers if you haven’t read to the point I have, and if you’ve read further I ask that you don’t spoil anything further into the book. Think of it as read-along book club.

Part 3: Talin chapter 12

Two more chapters to go until we finish part three. I looked ahead for page counts and while this chapter is short the next chapter is average length, while the two chapters and epilogue that make up chapter four are so short I may as well review all of part four together. That means we have two more weeks until the book is complete.

Last time we met the aliens responsible for all this, but not the one in charge. That’s about all I can say without spoilers because I try not to post that on the part that will appear on the home page if you’re just scrolling to see what the site’s all about. I can say that this really wasn’t what I was expecting, neat as the idea is, in a book titled after one of the most questionably used plot devices in the series. This chapter is pretty short, about five pages and a paragraph, so let’s see what they fit in what’s essentially half a chapter.

I realize Styles is suppose to be annoying but at this point he’s the Anatole Leonard of Star Trek. For those of you who haven’t caught the Robotech comic reviews, what I mean is writers go out of their way to make him as much of an antagonist as possible without making him the enemy, except in Leonard’s case they’ve even done that in the prequel comics. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura are trying to explain the situation but Styles is determined to make this Kirk’s fault, and relishing Kirk’s lack of rank, emphasising the “Mister Kirk” when he has an opening while Hammersmith is just using it because it’s just how things are at the moment. I think we’re supposed to be happy when Styles goes into baby mode later (I’m already a bit ahead of myself) and gets shot down for it but frankly I would have rather he just not be here. Butt monkeys I can do with out.

Back to start: Our group explains to Hammersmith what the situation is, how the coordinates were translated, and that they’re not sure what’s going on. Hammersmith wants to do this by the book and at least he isn’t happy about it but he follows the rules. They want to send a ship out there, but the information won’t reach Starfleet for a couple of days and they’re still debating if Talin is a de facto member or not. Well, send one of the ships here, except there’s a blockade. Well, we’ll take the Ian Shelton, except as a Federation-registered ship she’s been conscripted into doing picket duty. So we’ll take the Orion ship, except it’s been impounded and is also being used for picket duty. The writers are working way too hard to get Kirk and company back onto the Enterprise and stick it to Styles, which is where the baby mode thing comes in. They even go over how most of command crew were either dishonorably discharged or quit, but Scotty can take the ship out to test the new nacelles and if he just so happens to bring them along, then fine. I know Hammersmith is supposed to be trying to work with them while sticking to the rules and pushing them to find loopholes but this is just overkill. Just let them take one of the two ships they came in. I want to see them back too, but if you push any harder you might as well get J.J. Abrams to help you. It’s just too much.

So next time I guess the crew is back on the ship, though not officially so it’s not quite the same, and we’re going to meet The One. Just us next time for the finale of part three and the penultimate installment of this review.

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