“You have plenty of your own webs! This one’s mine!”

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #5

Marvel Comics (August, 2001)

“Spider-Man & Iron Man” part 2

WRITER: Brian Michael Bendis

ARTIST: Mike Allred


LETTERER: Wes Abbott


EDITOR: Ralph Macchio

With the armor still down it’s up to Spider-Man to distract the goons long enough for it to reboot. Once it does Iron Man easily takes out the goons, who weren’t just working for the Latverian emissary but was allowed by Nick Fury in exchange for shared access to the stolen tech. The story is also interrupted by an alternate take on Iron Man’s origin. Brought in by his younger cousin Morgan, Stark goes to meet with a third world government only to be taken hostage by revolutionaries. Morgan is killed and the other passengers threatened unless Tony makes weapons for them, but he manages to take out his captors and escape.

What they got right: Frankly I like this origin (a few nitpicks aside mind you) than the “official” origin of the Ultimate universe version of Iron Man. No “my whole body is a brain” nonsense and we aren’t retreading alcoholism.

What they got wrong: The rest of it has problems though. The art is still stiff. There’s barely any teaming up with the heroes. Spidey loses his mask during the fight and he’s just lucky he wasn’t seen. (Why does Bendis hate secret identities so much?) Having Fury, even the ultimate version who is proven to be a bigger jerk than the original 616 take before Marvel decided to replicate the MCU’s use of the ultimate universe Fury because Samuel L. Jackson, be part of the plan just makes me not like him even more. It also seems like Bendis was more interested in telling his version of Iron Man’s origin, which doesn’t include him making a battlesuit, than in actually doing the team-up story. I get the feeling that’s the story he wanted to do but Marvel went with the Orson Scott Card take instead.

What did I think overall: I prefer this version to the official Ultimate origin of Iron Man, but there are still some flaws. The big issue however is that the story really isn’t interesting and just exists so Bendis can tell that story. “Ultimately” (pun fully intended) this really isn’t one to track down.

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