“I shouldn’t have allowed Netflix to make a show about me.”

Speed Racer #38

NOW Comics (November, 1990)

“The Longest Mile”

WRITER: Diane M. Piron

PENCILER: Martin King

INKER: Dave Cooper

COVER ART: Joseph Allen


LETTERER: Caren Skibell

ART DIRECTOR: Michele Mack

EDITOR: Kate Llewellyn

After an accident in the previous issue Speed is shaken and not sure he can race again. His family and friends all try to get him out of his funk in time for a new race, but it takes some time before he’s ready to even try again. During the race he struggles to overcome his fear of crashing again until Duggery goes into the water. Speed saves Duggery and gets him to a hospital. The racing commission gives him a reward for his heroism but the better prize is Speed is ready to race again.

What they got right: Piron does a good job capturing Speed’s struggle after the accident and how his friends try to help him. His overcoming of his fears is also handled well.

What they got wrong: It must have been a doozy of an accident given this is one from last issue, but one I reviewed a few issues ago had him going into the water himself and needed to be recovered and he was back to racing in days. Also, they put that reward money together rather quick given they must have only been prepared to give a check to the winner of the race.

Other notes: This was the first Speed Racer comic I picked up from the NOW run and the only one I found on the shelf/stand at the time. Everything else has been back issue, so as an introductory issue it also works well, though some knowledge of the character definitely helps.

What did I think overall: A good story and shows how you have your hero struggle and overcome. Worth a read.

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