Someone saw the live-action movie.

Speed Racer #23

NOW Comics (August, 1989)

WRITER: Lamar Waldron

PENCILER: Norm Dwyer

INKER: Jim Brozman

COLORIST: Michele Mach (fitting)

COVER ART: Norm Dwyer & Jorge Pacheco

LETTERER: Dan Nakrosis

EDITOR: Katherine Llewellyn

Speed and the Mach-5 are dredged from the river four days after battling the Mammoth Car. Speed has just enough time to recover before the next race, but Inspector Detector asks him to keep an eye for drug smugglers using the race to carry their stuff, with one of the racers being involved. One night Speed sees Paul Truman buying drugs but isn’t able to track the dealer because of a nearby convention. Later, Sparky is kidnapped from that convention after Speed learns Paul is also working for the Inspector. Along with another racer, Carl Jackson, Speed manages to rescue Sparky and learns who their partner is…but before he dies the racer tells them there’s another racer who is also on team dope.

What they got right: The comic does a good job introducing our suspects. Overall it’s a good start to the mystery.

What they got wrong: The art isn’t all that great, especially compared to previous issues. I’m not sure why it took four days to get the Mach-5 out of the water unless it took that long to find him. You’re also jumping right into a new story with not much recovery time from the events of the previous story, only a week after being trapped underwater for four days. Sure it’s the Mach-5 and it has that much air but he’s been out cold without food and water. It should take longer than a week to be ready to race.

What did I think overall: A good start to the new storyline. Hopefully it ends on a good note, too. Sadly my collection takes a huge jump from here as of this writing.


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  1. […] It must have been a doozy of an accident given this is one from last issue, but one I reviewed a few issues ago had him going into the water himself and needed to be recovered and he was back to racing in days. […]


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