Instead of Teen Titans Go! they should have made a show with this.

Tiny Titans #1

DC Comics (April, 2008; as posted to comiXology)

WRITERS: Art Baltazar & Franco

ARTIST: Art Baltazar

LETTERER: Nick Napolitano

Tiny Titans re-imagines the Teen Titans as elementary school students, with the villains acting as adults in the school. For example, Slade just became the new Principal. However the story isn’t some Codename: Kids Next Door scenario of kids versus adults. It’s a series of short, fun, and a bit heartwarming stories featuring the kids doing cute things and having fun. As an alternate take (and not the main take) it actually works pretty well.

In addition to the kids reacting to their new Principal and Trigon as a substitute teacher (embarassing to both Rose and Raven to have their dads in charge), we see Beast Boy get a dog, question why Speedy isn’t a speedster, the girls talking about how cute Robin is while helping Plasmus deal with his melted ice cream, and Cassie attempt to create a new look.

This is an example of taking the superhero characters and having some fun with them in Baltazar and Franco’s usual style. It’s not meant to take over the Teen Titans series and just wants to be a fun bit of adventures. It’s not really something I’m into regularly (you’ll find only two issues reviewed here that isn’t part of a Free Comic Book Day sampler, and that’s because it guess starred The Marvel (Shazam) Family and the Protector) but it was free on comiXology as of this writing and not a bad read.

With that I have run out of physical and digital DC comics for the time being. The DC Universe will still show up in deeper reviews, Free Comic Inside, and if I pick up more in the future. Next week, we start a new series. Keep an eye out for gold rings.

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