Here’s another victim of how DisneyFilm approached Star Wars badly by not having a shared vision in a trilogy. Bounding Into Comics has an article up in which Pablo Hidago has let people know that J.J. Abrams wanted to destroy Coruscant, the city planet capital of the Republic, but one of the later directors wanted to use it for his movie before being removed. I don’t know if that was a slap at the prequel trilogy (which have been reassessed in light of the disjointed mess of the sequel trilogy) or just the same “blow up famous stuff” that led to him wiping out Vulcan in the first Star Trek movie of the Kelvin timeline. Either way it shows both how three directors working on no shared vision (see also Rian Johnson not knowing what a trilogy is by ending plot threads better left to the third movie, like Finn’s final battle with Phasma) can derail a trilogy and another example of how little concern Abrams has for what came before.

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