Running a bit late today. Yesterday wiped me out and of course this is the one I watch two shows for comparison.

“I told you to call a plumber!”

Robotech: The New Generation #5

Comico The Comic Company (January, 1985)

“Curtain Call”



INKER: Sam Keith

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

Low on Protoculture, the group comes up with a plan to use a Yellow Dancer concert as cover for stealing a supply from the enemy. With humans on guard the fuel is located in an old fortress. While Scott, Rook, and Rand deal with the electronic defenses they’re almost taken out by the fortresses’ old ancient trap but manage to get away with the Protoculture while Lunk and Annie also play their parts. Though attacked by the Invid and running from the police, our group manages to get enough Protoculture to continue their trek to Reflex Point.

What they got right: I’m not a heist movie aficionado but this works well for a heist story. Everything is thought out, the plan only hits one snag, but it’s not overly complex.

What they got wrong: I’d have to look at Scott’s map from the first episode/issue but if they’re in North America and heading to the center of the country, how is an old Spanish fortress (unnamed in the comic but I remember it having a Spanish name in the Mospeada version of the episode if not the Robotech version) with booby traps anywhere near the direction they should be going to reach Reflex Point? At best this fort would have to be somewhere in Mexico just to still be on the same continent. It’s also not clear if the manager knows that Yellow Dancer is a male resistance fighter or not and we don’t see him or the band after this story. I’d like to see what happened to them. Finally, they’re worried about refueling but where do they get all those missiles for the Cyclones and Alpha Fighter?

What they changed: The town has a different name in both the Japanese and English versions of the episode. The rest is dealing with lip movements (lucky for the Robotech team they have Yellow hiding her face to save on animation helps them as well), cultural and slight personality changes, and the comic is also having to condense things. The comic also changes some of the dialog in the beginning so the truck driver they steal from is surprised to see military mecha so close to town when he sees the Cyclone and Rook is nice to him because he stopped to help two ladies in need (her and Annie).

What I think overall: One of the better episode adaptations. I still recommend the TV series over the comic but this was a good issue.

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