Japanese animation studios do make shows for kids, but unlike the US they don’t make cartoons just for kids. (We’re not counting subversive crap. They’re not trying to advance the format, they’re trying to make comedy. I just wish they made GOOD comedy but most don’t.) They make animation for all different age groups and genres. This is a good thing and one of the reasons “anime” has such a strong fanbase in the west…especially from those who hate kids shows that don’t cater to them. That’s a rant for another time.

Here’s a fun fact for you though. There is a cult in Japan that actually makes their own anime, and visually some of it looks rather good. However, the writing…is a bit weird. Since it’s from a cult you know their mission is to promote their own worldview…and Superbook this is not.

Geoff Thew of Mother’s Basement has done two videos on these crazy cult movies. Tonight I’ll show you his first one, where he discusses the cult’s history, a bit about their teachings, and then goes into the anime promoting those teachings. Prepare to be confused a whole lot. There will also be swearing in the video, so if you come here to avoid that, I’m sorry. Trust me, it’s worth dealing with and not excessive. You gotta check this @#%$ out though.

I won’t be putting the name of the cult into this because I don’t want Geoff to be more of a target than he is, so I’m reducing the chance they’ll find this. Cults are like that; ask anyone who has gotten away from Scientology or any of the other cults that exist in the world. They’re kind of crazy and just because Scientologists have less violent methods of ruining your life doesn’t mean they all do. Please remember this in the comments. Of course if I were really scared I wouldn’t be posting this on my site since I don’t even have a connection with Mother’s Basement and its various spinoff channels…but let’s limit the risks, shall we?

Not really comfortable with calling these guys “right wing” or comparing that first one to Christianity. I’m not sure these guys really connect to either comparison. Then again I didn’t research this cult so I see are extremist nutcases…so any other cult really. I guess you can make the case that we don’t really know when the universe was formed and it’s all just conjecture…but I ain’t trusting this lot to get it right and neither should anyone else. Nothing else lines up with the bits they’re swiping from so why should the science? I also don’t see the third film as resembling 2000s sci-fi. Too many bright colors and not enough cyberpunk style technology. It almost looks like future Metropolis…the one Superman’s from, not the black & white movie or the anime of the same name that could be used as part of my evidence.

And I was not planning a second post in a row to tie in to Ancient Aliens. I couldn’t think of a topic because…well, it’s been that kind of week and I both needed something to show you guys and also I’ve been wanting to post this one since he first aired it.

So if you thought these were silly, Geoff didn’t even get to the really crazy stuff. Good thing there’s a part two. Next time I need a post topic I may break that one out. I was going to do that tonight until I found out I hadn’t shown you part one. Of course you could just go to his channel if you can’t wait because I do want to rely more on my own commentaries than others.

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  1. […] Some time ago I brought you a video from Geoff Thew over at Mother’s Basement about a series of anime created by a Japanese cult, and how crazy, historically inaccurate, and downright silly (and possibly blasphemous) it was. Well that was part one. Last night I had trouble sleeping so rather than ramble about a topic my brain can only partly process it’s time to bring you part two. I hope he gets part three out so I can show you that in the future. […]


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