Haven’t I had enough sick leave these past few years? Next time I take time off I want it to be for a vacation or convention.

Anyway I’m not at 100% as I keep sleeping more than I stand (my eyes are trying to close as I write this and my attention span is not the best) and there’s still too much junk left in my head and nose. I’m hoping to be back by Thursday at the latest, thus pretty much continuing where I left off but if I’m up to coming back sooner I will. I do have the next Chapter By Chapter to announce and Thursday may actually be a fitting day to do it. I’ll explain on the reveal. Meanwhile this week’s Clutter Report is something I managed to do as I made the final book report for Star Trek: Prime Directive.

So I’ve been thinking about what I can do to give Patreon a second try even though I probably don’t have enough potential supporters. With my medical issues calmed for the moment I need to look into making income somehow because I’ve been without it for way too long and the stimulus money is almost gone. If I thought I could come up with decent merch with or without the BW branding (and doing so with The Clutter Reports may be missing the point) I’m weighing options. I would like to get your thoughts on the current arrangement versus what I’m thinking. (The page has been so unused that they un-launched it so I probably have to start over again anyway.) Adding to the problem are the state governments trying to get a cut by making patrons pay their local sales tax to support Patreon creators, which is just more of the government being more interested in taking in money than trimming their bloated budgets but that’s a different conversation. Anyway, here’s what I have now versus what I may try next:

The Current Tiers:

  1. The Daily Review set ($1): This consisted of the shorter articles, the daily quickpost and the comics.
  2. The Feature Article set ($5): The larger posts where I do a longer review or commentary, or post a video from someone that I’m building off of instead of just posting it for fun or interest. This included that week’s Clutter Report.
  3. The Jake & Leon set ($10): Access to the weekly comic when it’s done.
  4. The Other Art set ($15): This was stuff like Captain Yuletide and Captain PSA, logos for the site, and thumbnails for the videos.
  5. The Video set ($20): The video reviews and convention stuff. In all cases this would be when it’s done rather than when it goes live and of course you get early access to everything in the tiers below as well.

The idea was extra incentive to do more stuff. The harder the project the more charged for early access. Of course I’ve had problems getting the time to get videos done, as well as anything beyond Jake & Leon and the past few months even that was difficult when I got sick or otherwise distracted thanks to a messed up sleep cycle. At three articles a day and two on weekends (meaning tier 1 still earned at least two short articles a weekday and one on Saturday) the tiers were based on how much work goes into them.

The Proposed Tiers:

  1. Articles ($1): This would be early access to the daily quickpost and the comic review as soon as put them together. This would be a day before minimum depending on how my schedule got screwed up. As for the feature article and Clutter Reports, that would be here now as well. However I can’t really do those a day behind outside of Chapter By Chapter. If some new event happens in the storytelling world I want to discuss immediately I’d have to post it now, so early access would be like a few hours, which doesn’t seem fair. I’m thinking I could preset some evergreen articles, like the various article series (Free Comic Inside, Scanning My Collection, Art Of Storytelling, etc.) so you as a supporter would get those early and they would go live here when I have nothing else to discuss currently relevant.
  2. Comics & Other Art ($5): In addition to the weekly Jake & Leon comic there would be updates on the other BW related comic and art projects to see how those are coming along. A later tier may even include artcasts if I can get a handle on streaming.
  3. Videos ($10?): Video reviews, interviews, v-logs, and previews of upcoming video ideas before they go live here. And again, access to everything on the tier below so you’d get the whole site early.

I don’t know if I’m selling myself short or if anyone would even care, so this isn’t a final decision. I’m looking for feedback since I don’t know any other sites or creators that work in three different media forms. Some videos take more time to edit than others. V-logs usually require little editing, video reviews a lot more, and convention coverage even more than that depending on the video. (Walking around takes more than BW Paneling and even that varies by what I have to add in or edit out.) The big question is whether or not I’d get any patrons at all no matter what system I use.

So what are your thoughts? What looks supportable to you and at what level? What happens if I add that let’s play series or some other video ideas I’ve had in mind in addition to reviews? Would this give me the incentive to finally put more videos out, or do you only care about the articles? What do you think I should do or should I even bother? Let me know because I’d like to focus just on the articles, comics, and videos (and on the comic side not just BW related comics but pushing ahead on the big comic ideas I have) but once I finish pulling myself together–considering nothing breaks me again–I need to find work somewhere, and if not here then somewhere else. I don’t make any money on these ads, that’s all WordPress as a free hosting site. Give me some idea how to proceed if at all. Otherwise it’s back to finishing off the effects of this cold so I can get back to whatever it is I’m doing here.

Have a good week, everyone!

About ShadowWing Tronix

A would be comic writer looking to organize his living space as well as his thoughts. So I have a blog for each goal. :)

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