Time to go back to the Ultra well because that’s all I have left in the Showcase backlog right now, with only one more left after that. I either need to stumble upon something good soon or finally get caught up with the rest of my YouTube backlog.

Created for the 50th anniversary of the series, Ultraman Ginga is the 23rd entry in the series. Continuing to expand the Ultra-Multiverse, Ginga takes place in a dimension where if the Land Of Light in Nebula M23 has any residents they haven’t visited Earth before. Into this universe a number of Ultramen and kaiju have been sucked in, turned into action figure like “spark dolls” (gotta sell them toys), and are essentially powerless. However, a chosen one will come–because they always do–who can restore the spark dolls to their true form and use them to fight the evil responsible for their situation. He also has the power to become Ultraman Ginga. And since this is through Shout Factory’s TokuSHOUTsu you won’t need the captions for subtitles. They’re right in the episode. Enjoy.

Here’s an odd thing. The full series is available to stream at Shout Factory TV ad-supported (which means free for you) but there doesn’t appear to be a home video release either by Shout Factory or usual home video distributor Mill Creek Entertainment. That’s a bit different and I hope we do get a home release. If I have money coming in again and the decluttering opening room again I’d like to add this to the library, but I won’t be able to see the full series until I do something about the YouTube and DVR backlogs I currently have. Still, this looks like an interesting premise and unless something comes up we should be checking in with the follow-up series next week.


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  1. […] of a rarity. Ultraman Ginga S is one of those exceptions, a sequel to last week’s Showcase, Ultraman Ginga. However, you may not necessarily need to see that series to watch this […]


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