Correct me if I’m wrong since I’m not an Ultra-Expert or anything, but usually an Ultraman only gets one series. Oh, they still show up for crossover stories but a full (even short) series? It’s kind of a rarity. Ultraman Ginga S is one of those exceptions, a sequel to last week’s Showcase, Ultraman Ginga. However, you may not necessarily need to see that series to watch this one.

After defeating the main threat of the previous series, Hikaru Raido returns to exploring the world only to be called back to Japan after seeing strange crystals in Mexico. The crystals are called Victorium, the life source of a tribe living underground. So they send their own champion, Ultraman Victory, to stop the theft of the Victorium, bringing himself and Hikaru into the view of the Ultra Party Guardians, the anti-kaiju force that’s usually present in these shows. In the first episode Hikaru meets Sho (aka Victory) and tries to help stop the thieves even though he can no longer call on the power of Ultraman Ginga. What happens next? Watch and find out.

If you want to see the rest of the series, Shout Factory TV does have it up on their Tokushoutsu section. Meanwhile Mill Creek Entertainment has both Ginga series and a miniseries focusing on Victory in a box set for home video release. I’m not sure how many of these options exist outside the US mind you.

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