“When I found out who painted my Cyclone pea green….”

Robotech: Class Reunion #1

Antarctic Press (December, 1998)


INKERS: Sam De La Rosa, Lisa Dreer, Chris Walker, John “Waki” Wycough, Tim Lane, and Steve Bird

TYPESETTING/EDITORS: Doug Dlin & Herb Mallette

While stopping to fill their water supply, Scott Bernard and his band are attacked by the Invid, but rescued by Aaron, one of Scott’s former comrades in the REF. However, Lancer suspects something is up with Aaron and his group as do some of the others given how the villagers treat them. Scott however wants to bring him along on the mission to Reflex Point. Except that Aaron is actually the master of this village and wants to steal their mecha to build his power even as the Regis seeks the area as a good cultivation spot for the Flower Of Life. Aaron attacks the group just as the Invid attack the village, but our heroes manage to overcome both groups as the Invid take Aaron, believing the renegade Robotech soldier may be useful in the Genesis Pit experiments. With the village secure the group returns to their mission.

What they got right: The comic is nice enough (at the end of the book) to tell us this takes place before the episode “Paper Hero”. The idea of a former soldier taking over a town is inline with the stories of the third Robotech war, and is told rather well. Aaron is not made to be sympathetic as he and Scott were rivals back in training and he was a jerk back then.

What they got wrong: I’d say based on the placement of this story that the Regis shouldn’t be in her more humanoid form but then I remembered that they decided she had that shape in Robotech II, though she didn’t use that in the show this early on. I’m a bit more uncertain as to why they had a training station on Mars then since Scott was born and raised during the Sentinels war and probably would have been trained there, but I don’t know how clear that part of the history is. What I am certain about is that Rook and Lancer have custom Cyclones (red and blue but otherwise the same design) but here are given the typical version used by Scott, Rand, and for this story Aaron. Also, the idea of someone Scott knew losing his way is something we see again in the show (and upcoming comic adaptations) so it’s repeated an old plot, though at least it’s a new take on it.

What did I think overall: There aren’t enough stories set on the Invid controlled Earth and while they make stories with the characters from the first war especially and the second war occasionally this group, my favorite of the original three war stories, never get original tales of their adventures when it makes sense they’d have a bunch. (Especially given how Mospedia‘s creative team was in serious need of a US map, unless they wanted Scott’s band to make the most indirect route to where we see Reflex Point in the first episode.) Thankfully this is a rather good tale.

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