Well, I’ve done other Transformers shows and I want to take a break from Ultraman, so let’s watch Transformers: Prime. It’s the only TV show in the so-called “aligned continuity” that I haven’t posted. I’ve done Robots In Disguise, I’ve done Rescue Bots and Rescue Bots Academy…wait, I have done those two yet? Well, that’s coming.

Prime is easily the darkest and most serious of the four shows, though on par with the video games. The series follows a group of Autobots hiding in secret on Earth but working with the government to keep the Decepticons from taking over. While not my favorite of the offerings it is a well done show, even if it is responsible for the continuity to not be all that aligned. For whatever reason Hasbro doesn’t have season one on their YouTube channel but you can find the series streaming in a number of places. As a sample here’s the first episode of season two. After the defeat of Unicron at the end of season one (and yes, there is where the “Unicron is Earth” nonsense began and hopefully ends with the Bayverse), Optimus isn’t himself and it’s up to the other Autobots to rescue “Orion Pax” from Megatron’s influence. Along with their human allies–Jack, Miko, and Raf–can the Autobots restore their leader? It will take three episodes to find out. Enjoy.


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