Sadly I don’t have access to these episodes to compare either and you’ll see why that annoys me more here than the rest of the series.

This is how I imagine the negotiations went when FilmRise lost the rights to Funimation. Granted I’m biased.

Robotech: The New Generation #8

Comico The Comic Company (June, 1986)




INKER: Tom Poston

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

The group arrives in a town were soldiers find their lives easy. This is thanks to Colonel Jonathan Wolff (apparently this franchise is never clear how to spell his last name but this is what the comic goes with), who leads small groups in raids on the Invid. Scott, a former member of the Wolf Pack, is invited to join one of the raids but it has all the earmarks of a trap. Scott escapes into the woods and is presumed missing, but Rand convinces Wolff to show him where the Invid base is, Rook sneaking along and saving them from an Invid attack. As Rook finds Scott, Rand learns that Wolff has actually been betraying the soldiers to the Invid in exchange for Protoculture. Between Rand’s words and Scott reminding Wolff of himself, the traitor has a change of heart and saves the trio from the Invid at the cost of his life. Later that night the Invid surround the town while the Regis mentions a “simulagent” she hopes will give them the edge.

What they got right: As memory serves this was a fairly good adaptation of the Robotech episode. Wolff made such a good impression that he was given an important role in Robotech II: The Sentinels, while the book I’m currently reading for Chapter By Chapter, Before The Invid Storm, is the story of how he came to Earth. This would make his fall and sacrificial redemption all the more tragic. Hopefully the novel explains what happened with Catherine and Jonny, his wife and son, though we know he cheated on his wife during the events of The Sentinels.

What they got wrong: Not having seen the Mospeada version I’m not sure what young Scott was looking at to watch the documentary on Wolff, and there are a few contradictions with how things turned out when Robotech II was written. That’s more a problem of the translation but it’s still worth noting.

What else is there: Here’s a fun bit of personal history. During one of the two trips I went with my parents to Vermont when I was a kid there was a convenience store within walking distance of our motel (or maybe this was that one time we had a cabin for a few days). It was there that I spotted this issue of Robotech: The New Generation as well as an issue of The Macross Saga (I don’t remember which one off-hand but it would have to be around this issue’s release) on the spinner rack. Not only was this my first introduction to the Robotech comics (I was already a fan of the show by this point) but to comics beyond DC and Marvel’s offerings. More would come later, but that makes this comic a bit special to me. Between that and the later contribution Wolff would make to the franchise I really wish I could have done a comparison to the Mospeada and Robotech episodes, especially since I haven’t seen the former for this one.

What did I think overall: A good story with some important significance to the later Robotech stories beyond the original show. That alone makes this worth checking out.


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  2. […] Reflex Point, Catherine is interviewed about her husband’s betrayal, as seen in the episode (and comic adaptation) “Eulogy”. I’m kind of surprised that she found out. Mostly I’m surprised […]

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