I don’t know. I have mixed thoughts on the Barney & Friends re-imagining.

Robotech: The New Generation #9

Comico The Comic Company (July, 1986)

“The Genesis Pit”


PENCILER: Reggie Byers

INKER: Tom Poston

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Diana Schutz

While on patrol Scott, Rand, and Annie fall into one of the Regiss’s evolution experiments, the Genesis Pit. Cloning animals past and present, including dinosaurs, she wants to find the ultimate form for her people. Though the Invid finds them the Regiss decides to let them be and see what happens, even briefly taking over Annie to taunt our heroes about how their time is up and the time of the Invid is now. Dodging dinos and Invid, our trio manages to escape and return to the surface, joining up with the rest of the team.

What they got right: This kind of makes me wish we had more time with just these three before Rook, Lunk, and Lancer joined up. It was nice to see them together, learn more about the Invid, and explore this land time was forced to remember.

What they got wrong: Rand’s no dummy and he’s been shown to be perceptive in the past, but to completely nail what the Regiss’s goal is seems like a stretch even for him. I’m not sure how the Regiss is able to take control of Annie (as I recall, in the episode she even had the Regis’s voice, but that’s normal for Western animation as well as dubs like this). Most of the time though it’s Annie goofing around or the three trying to find a way out. Occasionally they do get to fight a dinosaur but it’s not as strong a story as it could have been.

What did I think overall: I sometimes worry that when the “wrong” section is longer that the “right” that it comes off as me not liking a story instead of not having as much to say to explain why I liked it. It’s not the best story of the series or anything, and I wish I could compare it to the episode, but overall I liked it conceptually. I just wish there had been more to it.

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