And thus a storyline concludes.

I had no idea how right their words were. The recurring story of four DC characters trapped in a cell and slowly let out (and ruined) by the New 52 wasn’t the only problem. The biggest reason I give (but not even close to the only reason) for not wanting to see the Harley Quinn movie by Margot Robbie is the treatment of Cassandra Cain, former Batgirl and currently going by Orphan last I heard. Cass went from the awesome character in the comics to a pickpocket punk teen with foster parent issues who decides to idolize Harley (or at least Robbie’s version of her based on her Suicide Squad movie appearance, which I hear Harley fans aren’t happy with either). It’s a good example of how you ruin a first appearance for a character who could have been far more interesting.

This is probably not the reason that Lewis Lovhaug, aka Linkara of Atop The Fourth Wall had for doing his “Cassandra Caintrospective”, a multi-episode overview of the history of Cassandra Cain, created to be the ultimate assassin only to have the methodology backfire and convince her NOT to kill people. Since this is a crazy week and I don’t know what I’m going to be getting out (next week won’t be much better) I thought I post the compilation video of the retrospective. No storylines, only one opening and closing credit sequence, and the almost full history of a character who frankly deserves a lot better than the (as of this writing) mess of a solo out-of-comic appearance she’s had thus far.

Catch more of Atop The Fourth Wall on YouTube and his own website


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