Well, it’s another day where life won’t let me write up something so let’s have a longer video instead that wouldn’t work for the morning video. Bob Eggleton is an artist known for his cover work on various Godzilla comics. He’s made a good career out of Godzilla and other science fiction covers and products, winning the Hugo Award for his artistry nine times according to a quick Google search so that might even be outdated by now. The man knows his stuff and he has done some amazing art pieces, like the cover above.

In an interview with Kaiju Masterclass, Eggleton discusses his career, answering questions by moderator John DeSentis. I hope to get a chance before this goes live to add some more detail, if only for a better intro section, but like I said these next two weeks are going to be a pain!

Catch more from Kaiju Masterclass on YouTube


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