Super Giant is a series of short films about the titular hero protecting Japan from alien invasion. These were compiled into a series of movies in the US, the third of which is Attack From Space. Renamed “Starman” (not to be confused with the DC comics hero or the Mega Man video game villain–or the NES Pro Wrestling playable character), our heroes adventures are just campy and poorly dubbed enough that Rifftrax just had to make fun of it.

With the movie in public domain, the riff by former Mystery Science Theater 3000 veterans Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy, and Bill Corbett can be posted on YouTube and thus we get to have something a bit more fun tonight. There’s not much to say (outside of the actor playing Super Giant/Starman, Ken Utsui, hated that they padded his crotch…for the ladies and the costume was thus uncomfortable) so pardon the short intro as we get right into the movie. Enjoy.

Catch more from Rifftrax on YouTube

Wait, was that Peter “Speed Racer” Fernandez as one of the voices? Neat. Also, Super Giant didn’t have a secret identity either. Even in “human form” he was called Super Giant.


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