“Can we go back to fighting Jem’Hadar?”

Star Trek: Starfleet Academy #13

Marvel/Paramount Comics (December, 1997)

“Parents’ Day”

WRITER: Chris Cooper

PENCILER: John Royle

INKER: Tom Wegrzyn


They forgot to list a colorist. Comics.org points to Kevin Somers but the gag credits seem to be reserved for editorial credits, so why credit the colorist with one when none of the other creators had one?

EDITOR: Bobbie Chase

With Nog back on TV…I mean taking his sophomore year in the field at Deep Space Nine, Matt writes him (but don’t tell anyone) about the open house. Omega Squadron’s parents show up, though the only ones welcomed are Kamilah’s parents, who give Pava a hologram locket of their late daughter. Decker’s father wants to transfer him to Nebula Squadron, Pava’s mom is a liar trapped in the worlds of the romance stories she rights, and T’Prell is lukewarm to her parents, even for a Vulcan. The worst however are Edam’s parents, to try to manipulate him into going to the Betazed academy instead but their actions lead to a pet Pava’s mom snuck to Earth to go werebeast and have babies. The squad comes together to round them up and Decker’s dad rescuing Pava’s mom leads to her seducing him. Edam is understandable mad enough to never want to see his parents again even though they realize their mistake and actually support him being part of Starfleet Academy. At least Matt gets to stay now, but a few days later T’Prell’s parents call to warn superintendent Brand that the girl is not their daughter!

What they got right: After the intensity of the previous arc a little cool down is in order. It’s a fun story but one that explores the Squad’s relationship with their parents, and even though she’s dead Kamilah isn’t forgotten either. And finally all the foreshadowing with T’Prell is about to go somewhere, though whether it will be the next arc, which is also set up at the end of the issue as Zund has them out on another mission, or the next one we can’t tell yet.

What they got wrong: I know Nog was back on DS9 in the show but it would have been nice to have him here for this story so Rom would get to interact with the others. Sadly we won’t get a replacement like we had for Kamilah with Edam and that’s a mistake too.

What I think overall: This is the story they needed to have after the intensity of the Telepathy War event and leads nicely into the next storyline. Plus it was just fun and gave us a better look at the characters. Good timing.

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