I posted this once a long time ago, back when Hulu still allowed you to embed their videos on your site. They dropped that to go all Netflix, but I wanted to make sure y’all saw this because it’s one of my favorite Japanese animated series.

Magic Knights Rayearth is based on the manga by the group known as CLAMP, which I’ve reviewed on this site already. The series (except for the OVA I recommend avoiding) follows three Japanese schoolgirls who are given magical powers to awaken giant metal warriors to save another dimension from evil. Yes, it’s a isekai magical girl mecha anime, and it comes together beautifully! TMS has posted the first episode (hopefully not an April Fools gag and more will be coming but I don’t know if Japan celebrates that particular holiday from Hades–as a former bully victim you can understand my issues), and I’m hoping that means more episodes will follow. Enjoy!

Hopefully catch more episodes on TMS’s official YouTube channel.

Maybe the animation is a bit dated (it’s a 1994 animated series) but the story and characters are still really good. This is a show that in the first full story arc of the manga had a great twist ending that gets more time to breathe and build up in the show thanks to the extra time and a few fillers that actually develop the characters. The show went for two seasons, the second following the second full arc where the girls return to face a new threat, including one created for the anime. I haven’t seen all the episodes of that season but if it’s like the manga it’s a bit weaker. Still worth checking out. The show was released on home video and is available to watch on Amazon Prime and with ads on IMDB TV. It’s one of my big anime recommendations.


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