So it appears the article I intended for tonight is going to take longer than I thought. So I’ll work on that for tomorrow and do more filler as the deadline is coming up.

The Wonder Twins get a lot of hate from people who hate anything made for kids, most of it going to Zan because his powers frankly weren’t thought through well enough. Liberties had to be made because they didn’t know what to do with a hero in training whose power involved the three stages of water (solid, liquid, gas) while his sister turned into animals from Earth and occasionally from their home planet Exor when the plot needed it. Gleek was…there. Frankly I like Zan and Jana and Gleek and as much undeserved hate I feel Wendy and Marvin get three superheroes in training make more sense than three normals who just hung out with the superheroes, but that’s been covered.

This would have been a quick post as well but that deadline and this comic taking more time to go through than I expected shot that down, so let’s return to Casually Comics and host Sasha Wood to go over the history of the Wonder Twins, which actually takes more than one video. Some swearing in the quotes.

Wait, wouldn’t “Dick” and “Jane” also be a reference to the classic kids books siblings? Plus it would have been confusing since Robin was there. Oddly we don’t see them hang out in the show, or with later teen heroes Firestorm and Cyborg. I was sure the Wonder Twins did cameo in one short episode of Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians but I can’t seem to find it so maybe I’m wrong. I really need to see this show again. For the most part they were gone by the final season.

It’s too bad we never got to see Zan and Jana’s secret identities on the show. Also, I want to see the Wendy and Marvin team-up. I didn’t know there were Super Friends comics back then because there’s only so many comics I knew about in the 1970s. I’ve managed to get a few issues, some with Wendy, Marvin, and Wonder Dog and a few with Zan, Jana, and Gleek, but not the tie-in.

As far as the origin, I thought they were sent from Exor to train with the Justice League so they could be great heroes on their home planet someday. (Maybe that’s where they went by the final season, and yes I treat it all as one show despite the rebrands and reformats. They had the same actors and the art style only changed for Super Powers Team: Galactic Guardians.)

My thoughts on the 90s comic version of the Twins: I never saw it. The 90s were not my time, but after seeing Sasha’s summary I don’t feel like I missed out. “I love these characters as kids, but what if I made them a stain on childhood nostalgia?” This is why Thundercats: The Return is garbage, and that actually got the characters right while putting them in the worst situation possible, especially Cheetara and Wilykit and wow I reference that review way too often. Considering it’s one of the best bad examples I’ve reviewed I guess I don’t have a choice. I’m not talking about the Smallville episode because I stopped watching the show because it wasn’t a good adaptation of the DC universe the more the show went on. I talked about that going over the show intros. Anyway I don’t know how good it was, and I didn’t follow the other versions mentioned, though the Adult Swim ones seem mean-spirited, like what they did with the Space Ghost segments of Space Stars by adding a laugh track. We’re also not talking about the Wonder Comics version. It’s gross on too many levels right out of the gate.

So what’s a good reuse of the Wonder Twins? Oddly it’s the version of the show original Super Friends that was done in Justice League Unlimited series that was a better homage than any featuring Zan and Jana themselves. Still no Gleek, but these are people who hate any mascot. Sasha did a video on that as well.

No love for the Hanna-Barbera version of El Durado I see.

I’d rather see Downpour and Shifter in the regular DC universe if they can’t do Zan, Jana, and Gleek properly. At least they’re somewhat original characters and with some good potential. Sorry, but I really like the Wonder Twins and their space monkey. They were a fun part of my childhood…but the internet hates my childhood. But show Sasha some love and visit her channel. And compliment her wigs. She loves her wigs.

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