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Here’s what I wrote in the comments (By the way, check them out; the letter writer actually is the person Sasha thought it was):

I’m the guy who usually defends mascot characters, including the Wonder Twins, but Wendy and Marvin really weren’t the best fit. I don’t think it helped that the first season suffered from a few problems. It was the lowest budget animation of the whole series, the villains were usually well-meaning but took extreme measures they were later sorry for, and none of the super villains show up nor did they create any new ones like later Super Friends would in between the usual DC universe baddies. They did seem to do the  majority of the investigating while the Justice League (they’d be called by both names until the Super Powers Team rebrand) would deal with the villains’ actions, doing more rescues that crimefighting.

I don’t think the Junior Super Friends deserve all this hate, especially poor Marvin, and I’m glad to hear Young Justice made better use of them (although I can’t see it since it moved to DC Universe and now HBO Max) and I’ll all for a Wendy/Marvin romance if they aren’t siblings but the Wonder Twins, as junior heroes in training, were a much better fit. Frankly they should make them detectives. Detectives in a superhero universe without powers or Batman-level gadgets and training could be fun. DC in the 21st century hates fun.

Also, I’m going to be that guy and point out killer Wonderdog wasn’t even the same breed of dog that he was in the show and if it wasn’t for his Scooby-Doo Team-Up appearance he wouldn’t even exist anymore and that’s too bad. Given Marvin back his dog. And his internal organs. And his life.

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  1. […] The Wonder Twins get a lot of hate from people who hate anything made for kids, most of it going to Zan because his powers frankly weren’t thought through well enough. Liberties had to be made because they didn’t know what to do with a hero in training whose power involved the three stages of water (solid, liquid, gas) while his sister turned into animals from Earth and occasionally from their home planet Exor when the plot needed it. Gleek was…there. Frankly I like Zan and Jana and Gleek and as much undeserved hate I feel Wendy and Marvin get three superheroes in training make more sense than three normals who just hung out with the superheroes, but that’s been covered. […]


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