“Next time use a camera so I don’t have to wait as long to tie your goons up.”

Sonic X #8

Archie Comics (July, 2006)

“Wicked Sweet Shuttle Shenanigans” part one


PENCILER: Tim Smith 3

INKER: Al Milgrom


COVER: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Chris, Sonic, and their various friends arrive in Paris for Chris’s birthday party and the unveiling of a new shuttle. Eggman wants that shuttle to go to the moon. Rouge and Topaz are here looking for Eggman, but Westwood tries to scuttle their mission and make them look bad. They opt to stay and it’s good they did because Eggman turns the fair into a robot rampage to hide his theft. However, Big The Cat and Froggy are here and stop him. Eggman hides in the hall of mirrors and Sonic, Rouge, and pals head in to find him. Meanwhile that robot that’s been following Topaz and Rouge recognizes Eggman as his master despite his damaged memory banks and is prepared to take Sonic out to defend the doctor.

What they got right: Um…remembering Chris has human friends? Rouge not falling for Westwood’s plan? Continuing the robot story with a twist?

What they got wrong: I had to fish for all that. Why are Big and Froggy here, and how did they get here from the Station Square location? Westwood is still a horrible person. The story kind of limps along, which you wouldn’t expect from a Sonic story. It’s also strange because there are so few panels on the page and it still feels like padding. Yet somehow the art looks rushed and characters look off-model, especially the humans. (The animals and robots fair a bit better.)

What I think overall: This issue is just a mess. It’s not really interesting, feels padded, and looks rushed. Unless part two does something amazing this is not worth getting.


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