Warning: The following Saturday Night Showcase entry includes gore, the most awesomely stupid things the creators could get away with, and enough F-Bombs to level Miami, which is where the movie kind of sort of maybe takes place. If you can handle all that, welcome to the crowdfunded insanity tribute to low-budget 1980s movies that is…Kung Fury!

In an alternate 1985 a rookie cop is chose to become the legendary Kung Fury, the chosen master of an ancient kung fu art that apparently nobody has to teach you. However, Adolf “Kung Furher” Hitler wants to be the Kung Fury. To stop him, our Kung Fury has to call on allies to hack time, find his way to Nazi Germany, and kill Hitler. Because everyone wants to kill Hitler…mostly for being Hitler. If any of this is your bag, then enjoy the next half-hour. Apparently due to age restriction you’ll have to go to YouTube itself…probably the aforementioned mild gore and F-bombs and not the laser raptors, half-naked giant Thor, and barbarian women with machine guns. Yeah, this is not a kids production at all. The video embed does serve as a link to the actual video though. Click the “Watch on YouTube link, or click this one and come back to read me talk about it some more.

If you go to Laser Unicorn’s YouTube channel you’ll see behind the scenes footage and clips from your favorite scenes, like Hackerman hacking time or the animated sequence. However, the music video for the movie’s main theme song, “True Survivor” is on David Hasslehoff’s YouTube channel because yes, they did get The Hoff to be part of this. Here’s the video so you don’t have to go away again.

Meanwhile, Wikipedia (question the source) claims that a second movie just wrapped production and is supposed to be released later this year. There’s also a Kung Fury video game available on Steam, where the movie was also apparently released. I didn’t even know Steam had movies. They even made one for the PlayStation 4. I have not played any of them, but hopefully the second film won’t be sitting in the Finally Watched list as long as this one was.


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