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  1. Rick2you says:

    Your analysis is very close, but I don’t think your conclusion is right. By the way, I’ve read all the PS published stories back to 1952 from his own books (he had no amulet in the first series by the way), have some of the original art you showed, and have spoken to artists and writers who leaked things from times before secrets meant that much. So yes, I do know–but I’ll only tell you where you went wrong.

    You have assumed that the Phantom Stranger has to be a person, but ignored the fact that he has regularly interacted with the Presence. He seemingly has all the information which the Presence could give him, if the Presence wanted to do so, while ignoring the fact that the Presence has the power to create anything: angels, people, worlds. PS also gets recharged with power when faced with certain morally reprehensible activities (mostly seen in the Second Series). So, why would the Presence bother dealing with an existing being to function on his behalf when he could make one out of whole cloth? He wouldn’t. But, by letting each person think that PS is something other than a creation of the Presence who must be obeyed, PS can go about his business of helping people through their own exercise of free will: “Follow me, for I am the Phantom Stranger.” That should get you closer.


    • It’s not my video. The daily video/article link is me showcasing someone else’s review or commentary that I find interesting or totally agree with. The other articles are all me though. I do like the idea that he isn’t necessarily human though. I thought he was just some supernatural presence, not a former human, but I haven’t followed the character the way you two have.


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