My favorite of the Tenth Doctor’s Companions was Donna Noble. Of the three main Companions she was the one who most tied him back to the “humanity” instilled in him by Ian and Barbara and seen throughout all his pre-Time War lives. Also David Tennant and Catherine Tate were so good on-screen together. Now apparently the two will be returning…not as the current Doctor and Companion, which is a good thing because the show shouldn’t be going backwards when respecting its past, and they have a new Doctor coming. Maybe he’ll team with the Doctor and Donna?

Multiple Doctor team-up stories are fun, though I’d like to see more of 10 and 11 joining forces. I just finished listening to “The Sirens Of Time”, the Big Finish audio team-up with 5, 6, and 7 and it’s a really good story. Not enough classic/new team-ups though.

As for the other part of the article, where they mention a trans person playing a character named Rose in that episode, I made a point about it on Twitter:

Really my only thought on the matter.


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