Warning, there’s swearing in this one. I mean, the dude calls himself the Critical Drinker. Still, he puts together everything that went wrong behind the scenes with the cinematic cut of Justice League.

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After this I’d say #ReleaseTheWhedonCut would be in order so he could do the movie he wanted, but it’s not worth the money and given the bad blood between Whedon and the cast and how he got so much of the blame for Warner Brothers trying to undo Zack Snyder’s way too dark on DC I don’t think that would ever happen. Oddly I’ve never heard of the Avengers cast commenting on working with Joss Whedon, unless I missed it. Still wonder what would have happened if he had made HIS Justice League. Maybe just let the movie die before it becomes bogged down in cuts.

By the way, I did review this movie if you’re curious on my thoughts, while I have no interest in the Snyder Cut. I don’t like his take on the DC Universe. Instead of restoring the Snyderverse I’d rather he create his own superhero universe for his fans and let DC fans get the DCU we’d rather see.

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