All I got from this cover is…did Chris dress up as Kato?

Sonic X #13

Archie Comics (December, 2006)

“Hare-Um Scare-Um!” part 1


PENCILER: David Hutcison

INKER: Jim Amash


COVER ART: Pat “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

To protect his own worthless backside, Westwood lets Sonic and Tails take the fall for the ship attack and they’re locked up in jail. Meanwhile, Vanilla is worried about the danger Cream gets messed up in and wants to move them both out of Station Square until they find a way home. Cream objects and Chris stands up for her. Hoping to change Vanilla’s mind, Chris’s mom takes her and their kids to a private island but everyone seems to have vanished. As Chris and Cream go for ice cream they find the town has been taken over by the same kind of ghost things from the episode “Sonic’s Scream Test” (episode 19). They rush back to the guest house only to find their parents are taken over as well.

What they got right: A story that allows the minor characters a chance to shine without the main hero isn’t a bad thing and if the plot leads to Cream proving to her mom that she’s actually important to the fight against Eggman properly it could work.

What they got wrong: So we’re reusing a previous plot from the show to do it? Also, even if the President was somehow tricked by a two-bit twit as Westwood (I now hate this character with a passion slightly lower than the one I have for Cliff Carmichael in Fury Of Firestorm) about Tails, how does Sonic get caught up in this? And why believe Westwood over two beings who have saved the city from Eggman more than once? Can we just get rid of this character now, because Edkin really wants us to hate this character.

What I think overall: Well, so much for the hope the last storyline gave me that this might be any good. I know trying to not step on the toes of a TV show you don’t have an official connection to (and thus don’t know what’s actually planned) is limiting, and maybe that’s why Archie should have stuck to their own Sonic universe, but so far I’m curious why I kept getting this series. I liked the show but I’m not even a huge Sonic fan overall.


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