Yellow Dancer’s new singing partner didn’t work out so well.

Robotech: The New Generation #22

Comico The Comic Company (March, 1988)

“The Big Apple”

ADAPTATION: Markalan Joplin

PENCILER: Thomas A. Tenney

INKER: Rich Rankin

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Bob Pinaha

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

The group tries for a protoculture raid in New York City and stumble upon a group of performers led by Lancer’s old dance coach. Together they hope to put on a show to boost the people’s morale, but Corg decides to attack the city against Sera’s wishes, as she’s supposed to be in charge of this operation. During the battle Sera confronts Marlene, letting the amnesiac girl know she’s a simulagent named Ariel, which Marlene refuses to believe and Sera doesn’t realize she’s lost her memory. When Marlene mentions her relationship with Scott she demands to know all about it and how it connects to her own attraction to Lancer but she’s forced to escape due to Corg’s continuing attack. In the end the Invid hive is destroyed, the group gets enough protoculture to finally go to Reflex Point, and the dance troupe, with the help of “Yellow Dancer”, puts on a great show.

What they got right: We get a bit more about Lancer’s days before the war. Sera has an interesting character arc, even while Corg descends into villainy and obsession.

What they got wrong: So was the search for protoculture the only reason they haven’t taken a straight line to Reflex Point? Because it still feels like nobody at Tatsunuko, the company that made Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, had an actual map of the United States available. This one comes with the additional story elements of The Sentinels mind you, but you’d think Scott at least would know who the Regiss is even if he did only fight the Regent’s forces with the Wolff Pack previously.

What I think overall: A good story with a decent balance of character and action.


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