“Darn kids, get off my lawn!” “Technically you’re invading our lawn.”

Robotech: The New Generation #24

Comico The Comic Company (June, 1988_

“Dark Finale!”

ADAPTATION: Markālan Joplin

PENCILER: Thomas A. Tenney

INKER: Rich Rankin

COLORIST: Kurt Mausert

LETTERER: Gregory Shaw

EDITOR: Maggie Brenner

Her Invid nature revealed even to herself, Marlene/Ariel takes on a new form, a mix of both human and Invid. Scott, Lancer, and Lunk join the invasion squad trying to break into Reflex Point, with Rand, Rook, and Annie joining in whether Scott likes it or not. Sera saves Lancer, convinced she has now ostracized herself until Marlene/Ariel comes to her. She also leads our band, the people she’s traveled with all this time, into the Invid hive to meet the Regiss in person. All of them try to convince the Regiss that what she has done is just as bad as what the Robotech Masters did to them, but Corg challenges Scott to battle. Then the REF forces return, with the SDF-3 and Admiral Hunter unaccounted for. He did however leave final instructions…that the Invid must be stopped even if Earth must be sacrificed to do so!

What they got right: Between the restrictions of the footage and the lack of restrictions of the comic adaptation the disappearance of Hunter’s group makes sense, since you’d think he’d be involved (or would try to be) in the final battle. Yes, Macek did have a plan for this, though if it’s the one I heard about it would have been a stupid one in my opinion, involving time travel and according to this source I hope is wrong having Minmei the mother of the original Zor. I don’t know how much I trust that resource but there’s the rumor I heard. Rand and Rook are finally a couple. There’s some fascinating debating about what influence humanity has had on the Invid, especially our three humanoids.

What they got wrong: Granted the events of Sentinels hadn’t been even considered yet and the threat has to be big enough for Regiss’ actions in the finale, but blowing up the Earth, Rick? That seems a bit much.

What I think overall: A good build-up to the final chapter in the original Robotech saga. Next time: the last story of original Robotech.



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