I didn’t get this week’s Jake & Leon done in time. I don’t have much left to do and if I didn’t have trouble sleeping last night it might have been done. When so much entertainment news is on personal drama rather than dumb story ideas I’m kind of limited and by the time I came up with a fun gag time had slipped away. So next week it should be done…in time to start working on a brand new Captain PSA. That’s a harder comic to get inspired for seeing as the concept is “public service comics in a superhero world”, but I finally figured one out. That should take the next week or two to have up depending on life. So this week you just get the update.

We have the last issue of Robotech: The New Generation this week. That’s not it for Robotech reviews however. In addition to continuing the Chapter By Chapter review of Robotech: Before The Invid Storm there are Robotech comics set after the events of the show to go over plus a Robotech comic I bet most of you haven’t heard of that I want to do a Scanning My Collection article on because of how different it is. I’ve had issue two for quite a long time now but I finally got the back issue for #1 so I’m looking forward to reading it. That hopefully will also be up in a week or two. We’re not done with Robotech Mondays just yet.

UPDATE: Okay, so I went over my Robotech comics looking to see what’s next in my review schedule. There’s a miniseries that I need to wait until I finish the novel for, and you’ll see why when we get there. However, I have two trades, one of which is a prelude to the Shadow Chronicles movie and the other sets up two of the comics taking place after this story in the Academy Comics run made well before this. Throw in the other Robotech story  I teased (the “different one”) I have decided, after this post goes live so apologies to those of you who already saw this before the update, to do an almost complete Scanning My Collection Robotech-a-thon. Almost because of course Monday is the Before The Invid Storm chapter review and with all three of the trades to discuss we’re coming up one short, so we’ll see if I can fill that spot or not. If not then I’ll…think of something. Anyway, back to the original post.

As for what else I’m not sure right now. We have more G.I. Joe content coming in preparation for the 80s movie finally reaching theaters. That’s in three weeks so Saturday Night Showcase should be interesting and I’ll also get into why I’m doing this if I’m more into Transformers than their next door neighbors. Beyond that we’ll see what I’m inspired by and what gets finished by the end of the week. Have a good week, everyone!


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