The celebration of G.I. Joe: The Movie finally hitting theaters continues as we remember what led up to it. I’m not a huge Joe fan, though I will go into why I’m doing this at some point for the movie hits, so this is as much a refresher for me as it is some of you.

The third miniseries is actually the beginning of the actual G.I. Joe television series. “The Pyramid Of Darkness” contains the episodes “The Further Adventures Of G.I. Joe“, “Rendezvous In The City Of The Dead“, “Three Cubes To Darkness“, “Chaos In The Sea Of Lost Souls“, and “Knotting Cobra’s Coils“. However, I’m posting the movie-style edit, so while you’ll still see the episode titles you won’t have to sit through the intro and credits five times. Cobra’s new plan are a set of cubes that create a pyramid over half the planet. Anything electrical inside the pyramid is rendered useless. This requires Cobra to take over the Joe’s satellite space station with…an army of cute fuzzy creatures? It makes more sense when you see it.

Ron Friedman is back on writing duties but did he use the same tropes as the last two? Well, it opens with a battle somewhat tied to the McGuffin of the story, but this time it’s a diversion. I guess technically Duke is getting kidnapped again. Seriously, for the supposed team leader we have yet to see him lead at this point. All three stories thus far features someone else having to take command while the head honcho is unavailable. At this point are we even sure Duke is the leader? Once again our two teams travel around the world. Oh, and Snake Eyes (this time with Shipwreck) has to get something vital back to the team to save the day. At least he gets to show off why he’s on the team. Meanwhile, Quickkick takes on Shipwreck’s role of new member added during the mission, but what the heck was he doing dressed like that in the Arctic? Additionally we have the one shot character who just happens to be in the right place to help our heroes get back into action. Cobra not only has a temple, this time they have a whole city, which doesn’t make sense but is that new?

Anyone else catch the flub in episode one? Mutt reads the line “deadly secret” but the card says “split personalities”.

Of course these introduce new characters because we have toys to push but there will always be standouts that add to the series because the writers just really knew what to do with them and the actors worked well in the roles. Introduced here are the Crimson Twins, Tomax and Xamot. This makes me wonder what their parents are thinking. We also have the debut of Shipwreck’s parrot, Polly, who will be surprisingly important on occasion in the series. The best addition? Bazooka and Alpine. They’re the best of buds already and they just make a fun duo throughout the show. This is also the beginning of Flint and Lady J’s romance as well as Destro and the Baroness. Frankly I forgot there was a time those pairings weren’t already a reality.

Next time I want to showcase some of my favorite episodes before getting to the final, and probably most important of the four main miniseries prior to the movie.


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