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Don’t get me wrong, Jack Kirby had every right to be upset. As was said in the video, if you don’t like how Superman looks in Kirby’s signature art style (and personally I don’t, as it just looks like a younger Kirby dressed as Superman) why would you hire him to draw a comic in which Superman is at least a supporting cast member like Jimmy Olsen’s comic? And the result looks weird as everyone else still looks like Jack Kirby’s style, including Jimmy.

On the other hand, I can see DC’s point as well, given how off Kirby’s design is at a high point in Superman merchandise. As a kid I had a Superman bedroom set like the ones you see now. Bed sheets, pillow cases, and curtains. (I still have one of the pillow cases, which I use on my bedside table.) Having him not look like Superman doesn’t seem like a great idea.

I’m ignoring the guys who took the DC/Marvel rivalry way too far when they should be saying “we have one of Marvel’s legends working for us, we win”. That’s just being a jerk and the “king” deserves better treatment.

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