“You’ll never be rid of us!”

Star Trek: Voyager–Splashdown #1

Marvel/Paramount Comics (April, 1998)

WRITER: Laurie S. Sutton

PENCILER: Terry Pallot

INKER: Al Milgrom


LETTERER: Chris Eliopoulos

EDITOR: Tim Tuohy

Voyager is getting low on resources after the recent story arcs in the main comic series and TV episodes. So when a group of sphere drones attack the ship gets a pounding. They head to the source of the drones in hopes of finding a way to shut it down, but with all the damages sustained and the drones still attacking their only chance is to land in the water, but end up sinking with water pouring into the ship, including engineering.

What they got right: Events from previous stories actually have an impact on what’s going on with this one. The show rarely did that, as the “magic reset button” seemed to keep getting pressed by next episode. The drones are a significant threat for the story.

What they got wrong: I don’t know why they ended the main series and went to miniseries.

What I think overall: Not a bad start to this story. I don’t remember if they ever finished it or if I got all the issues (though I recall at least one being the case) but we’ll see how things turn out.


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