I think Blurr might be more of a challenge than Hot Rod.

Sonic X #20

Archie Comics (July, 2007)

“Speed Lines!”

WRITERS: James McDonough & Adam Patyk

PENCILER: David Hutchison

INKER: Terry Austin


LETTERER: Phil Felix

COVER ART: Patrick “Spaz” Spaziante

EDITOR: Mike Pellerito

Sam’s jealousy of Sonic’s speed is even starting to bother his fellow S-Team members. (I know it’s been bothering me.) Eggman uses this to trick Sam with a racer that is actually faster than Sonic and with a few more features. Of course this is a trap, with it turning into a robot to attack Sonic. Seeing Sonic and Knuckles fail at stopping the robot due to their bickering, Sam has a revelation and calls on his team and Uncle Chuck to come up with a plan to take the robot down.

What they got right: I guess the writers still had Transformers on the brain since Dreamwave’s collapse. (They were my favorite Transformers writers during that run and I wish they could have finished the story they were telling.) I do like that it addressed the issues with Sam’s character in the comic version of Sonic X thus far and hopefully fixed them…depending on what happens next of course. The design of Eggman’s racer in both forms is pretty cool.

What they got wrong: Now Knuckles is just arguing to be argumentative, just assuming any of this was Sonic’s fault outside of existing and trying to keep Eggman from conquering the world. It helps Sam, who along with Westlake has been given the short end of the character stick, wise up (if they keep that going) but it still makes Knuckles look bad.

What I think overall: This is only the second comic in this tie-in I actually enjoyed. I’m starting to think it’s the writer.


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