I don’t think this is going to get me on Project Rooftop. At least I hope not.

Soooooooooo…..you know how the CW has been targeting young people with things like the Arrowverse, the re-imagined Archie characters into a teen drama, whatever it was they did to The Tomorrow People (bonus link to old BW article), and all their other attempts to target the advertiser beloved 18-49 age group? You know, the ones who still buy stuff they don’t need or don’t have anything yet when moving into their first home. Wellllllll….turns out that wasn’t working. Yeah, it seems they actually are hitting people in the high 50s. Heck, Fox is skewing younger and they’re only a year earlier.

Why is this? Well, the Variety article I just linked to does note that younger people are going with streaming services. Meanwhile the older group are the ones who grew up on the DC heroes and Riverdale characters and probably want to see what’s happening to their beloved characters while the CW also has shows like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? and the show where magicians try to fool Penn & Teller for bragging rights. WarnerMedia ditched CW Seed for the regular CW website and then shoved everything else on HBO Max in their increasing push to make that service work. Anything else the 18-49 crowd are watching online through smart TVs, streaming boxes, computers, tablets, and cell phones. Does this mean new primary network owners Nexstar will change course? Time will tell.


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