Well it was only a matter of time before there was a new installment in this one. Transformers continue to be made and they continue to make shows based on them. Since my last article in 2020 further Transformers shows have been made and I haven’t discussed their intros…because I haven’t seen them.

After escaping the pit of the action show abandoning Cartoon Network, Transformers moved to Netflix rather than resume with Discover Family. Their new show is going to be on Nickelodeon, but that’s the kids show. I don’t know where the next adult collector targeting show is going to be. So I’m really not able to tell if these shows are any good or how well the intro shows them off because I don’t have Netflix. It requires money and I don’t have any.

Still, I need to get something done quick today and this fits the bill. The “War For Cybertron Trilogy” (not to be confused with the video game because Hasbro doesn’t just recycle names of their figures anymore) is based on the adult toyline, while BotBots is based on a line of handheld transforming figures that live in a mall. Again, I haven’t watched either of them but will these intros make me sorry I don’t?

Let’s look first at War For Cybertron. The show is part of the adult trilogy collection scheme Hasbro has been using since Prime Wars, who doesn’t even have a real intro to look at. War For Cybertron consists of three shows: Siege, Earthrise, and Kingdom. The video I’m using right now (depending on its fate by the time you see it and what I can replace it with) has all three intros. Don’t worry, we won’t be long.

46 seconds TOTAL ON THREE INTROS! That is so little effort but still only slightly above Prime Wars Trilogy outside of “Power Of The Primes”. By the way those are also 46 seconds combined so let’s just put it here for thoroughness even though it came first and bounced through so many homes foster kids feel sorry for it.

Do adults not like intros? The intro is a dying art, though I guess when it comes to webseries it doesn’t have to catch your attention in the same way. Still, outside of nice graphics these aren’t very good. Power Of The Primes teases Unicron and the War For Cybertron trilogy has some neat computer graphics but otherwise it’s just a fancy logo. I put more effort into my press junket intro.

And if you don’t know the Transformers lore already these tell you nothing. The WFC intros at best show you the journey to Earth but from what little I know of the story it’s not really following the G1 journey. Would any of these get me to watch the show if I already wasn’t a huge Transformers fan? Probably not.

We do have one more, though. BotBots is a kids line, so the tie-in show really should do a better job of drawing them into that world, which is what a good intro does. You can have the cast names over the show or just at the end, but it’s the intro that takes you from the real world into their imaginary world.

36 seconds does more in one intro that the others do in 46 seconds worth of three intros. You get the basic plot so you can follow along, meet the characters while highlighting the five main characters, and show they’re going to have wacky adventures in the mall. Personally I thought the ones that turned into food items were actually novelty items but apparently they’re actually food that were turned into robots by the Energon storm (the story on the cardbacks). I can see that going horribly wrong in a non-kids show.

BotBots actually looks fun. While the show is staying out of the Autobot/Decepticon war, that didn’t hurt the Rescue Bots’ two shows. I don’t need the promotional material to tell me what’s going on. I actually would check this out even if I wasn’t so into the Transformers scene already. This is how you do a good intro. Use your time wisely, showcase your main characters, and give us an idea of what the world is like and why you want to tune in to see what happens. Your intro should be all the promo material you need and for most people it is.

And there are still more Transformers shows coming. Hopefully Earthspark is going to be on Nickelodeon, not just Paramount+ so I can’t wait to see what their intro is going to look like. As for Netflix and the adult Transformers cartoons…get on the ball, guys!


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